Channel 5 Inside Story

Crissie Chambers took part in a documentary about the Westminster Community on Channel Five - Inside Story - showing her 'dog training skills' in one of her canine socialising classes in South Westminster. The documentary also Featured 'Dog Factor' - a dog show in her local area Queens Park W9.

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Learn to be safe and secure around dogs. Many children and their parents have a fear of dogs. Crissie visits schools and Libraries to address these issues with success.

For further information or to arrange any educational event please contact Crissie Chambers on 0794 9523 710 or email

 NB: remember it is not only important to pick up after your dog - BUT it is part of the Dog Control Act 

The new dog microchipping laws: What you need to know

"Crissie has been round to dog-sit for me on a number of occasions . There are not many people I would trust to look after my dog but I trust Crissie implicitly with her. Not only is she very careful (my dog is very good at escaping through your legs at the front door if you're not paying attention!) but she also really loves dogs and they immediately seem to feel comfortable with her. In fact Merrow now pricks up her ears when I mention Crissie's name! It's great to have someone so trustworthy who can come to my home rather than having to take Merrow to a kennel or dog-sitting service elsewhere. I would have no hesitation in recommending her." Jo S

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Canine Culture Dog Show

New Events

Dog Workshop (funded by QPCC) for Queens Park Residents Only

@Dog Area Queens Park Gardens W10 Saturday 29th July

@Dog Area Queens Park Gardens 30th July 2pm - 3pm

Advice on Dog Law Behavioural Issues and Training Given

Dog Show 5th August in the dog area Queens Park Gardens registration 11.15 - 12pm, Dog Show commences at 12pm.
Dog Training Queries or to book a private training session tel
07949523710 or email
Also Advice on getting a Dog or puppy - what breed and temeperment
would suit your lifestyle

Assessments on Rescue dogs (before going into foster or being adopted)

NB Educational Visits to schools and local libraries regarding 'Be safe around Dogs and Animal Welfare' is available to the local community of Queens Park.

This is supported by the New Queens Park Community Council

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For Advice on Dog Behaviour, Microchipping, Diet, Neutering and Spaying, Dog Laws and any anti social behaviour

Consultations will be free and bookings can be taken for one to ones and training sessions.  Refreshments are available and a warm welcome to all dog owners and their dogs from Crissie and Grand Union Pets

Crissie Chambers on 07949 523 710


Canine Culture UK Dog Socialising

Crissie and 'Lazer' the adorable Staffordshire Bull Terrier in training at St. George's Square in South Westminster